Discrimination in the workplace

A disability discrimination case can be brought by existing employees, job applicants, workers employed on a contract personally to do work, apprentices and contract workers, eg many agency workers or those working for contracted- out services. There

How long does a police caution last in UK?

A formal warning used by the police to deal with criminal offending is called a caution. A caution is given to a person who committed and admitted the offence. Use of a caution avoids the need to

What are criminal injuries?

Criminal injuries are injuries to a person caused by another person’s criminal activities. If you are a victim of a crime involving any type of violence, especially if you were injured because of it, you may be

The legal process for appealing a penalty charge

Parking tickets particularly come from official bodies (e.g. councils, the police) or private companies. Knowing where yours came from is a bit difficult as they appear to be similar. Parking-related laws are set for general safety and

What happens if I am charged with a road traffic offence?

Anyone can get caught when it comes to committing motoring offences, even those who are considering themselves as law-abiding citizens. In a survey conducted by Onepoll, it was revealed that millions of people commit around 7 crimes

How to get 24-hour criminal law advice

Advice and representation can be given to you by criminal lawyers in a police station. As whatever you say or agree to in the police station will dictate what happens to you, it is very important during